Le charme de Burano et ses couleurs
The Colors of the Venice’s Burano Island

Chick yellow like this facade with blue shutters, green striped curtains and a red door… Purple and brown, like those which frame it… Multicolored like their reflections in the canal with waters sometimes green, sometimes gray, sometimes bluish… Red, blue, white, green like these boats which rock peacefully there… Orange like San Martino, with its leaning bell tower which reminds us for a moment of a refreshing orange spritz… Blue, red, orange, grey, brown, green, yellow like the clothes of the 7 dwarfs and their mistress Snow White, wisely aligned in a private garden…

The Burano Bell Tower in Venice
Burano Island in Venice

Burano the colored island waits for you to join its crowd if you wish to admire the colors of its main street… But if you take your eyes off the beaten tracks, by moving away by just a few meters, you will be able to admire these colored jewels alone… Angel understood this… And his eyes guided his camera so that he could share this beautiful patchwork with you!

les couleurs de Burano à Venise
The Colors of Burano in Venice
Ile de BUrano de Venise
Burano Island in Venice

Excursion to the Islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello

Duration 6h- Every day, Guided tour in English, visit the famous Venetian islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello and discover the handicrafts such as the glass workshops and lace making

What do the colors of the houses and the white lace of Burano have in common?
Well, the colors were painted by the fishermen’s wives so that the fishermen could spot them on foggy evenings on their way home… And even today, it is best to be good with a roller if you own one of these houses because it is mandatory to repaint every year.
And the white lace? These are the same women who established the tradition since the sixteenth century, they spun the lace in the evenings while waiting for their husbands or while listening to their fishing stories…

Photo de Burano
Venice Burano Italy
cité de Venise - Burano
Burano, Island in the City of Venice Italy

Burano is above all an island of fishermen, an island where you should taste a small crab fry (the moleche) at the Riva Rosa ristorente (Via San Mauro, 296, 30142, Burano) or a mixed sea fry (fritto misto) just off the vaporetto or a risotto di Go’, a traditional and popular dish from Burano, made with small fish from the lagoon, the ghiotto di laguna at the trattoria da Romano (Via San Martino Destra 221, Burano).

But our experience of Burano was even richer! We were lucky enough to be there by chance on the day of the carnival… This kind of thing happens… I’ll tell you about it… Come and read my about my experience at the Carnival of Burano!

Burano sunset
Coucher de soleil à Burano

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