How do you get to Venice from the airport?

  1. ATVO 35 fast buses with luggage compartments and WiFi that connect the Venice Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma, for 8€ in 20 minutes
  2. Alilaguna boats that connect the Venice Marco Polo airport to Venice, for 15€ in 50 minutes
  3. ACTV 5 buses that connect the Venice Marco Polo Airport to Piazzale Roma,  in 35 minutes
  4. Cab boats or motosafo, which connect the airport to your hotel in 25 minutes .
  5. Road cabs that take you to Piazzale Roma in 20 minutes for 40€.
  6. Car rentals at the Venice Airport

Getting to Venice from the Venice Marco Polo Airport

The ATVO bus

The ATV0 35 bus line is faster than the ACTV 5 line and is much more comfortable (luggage storage, air conditioning, WiFi on board, clean seats) although at the same price: 8€ one way and 15€ round trip without a time limit.

These buses, managed by a private company, depart every 20 minutes between 5:20 am to 1:20 am. ATV0 bus tickets can be purchased at the vending machine in the baggage claim area of the Venice airport, or in the arrivals hall, or outside.

In Venice, at the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma, ATV0 bus tickets can be purchased online here (button below) or in various places: at the “Pluff” kiosk at the center of the square, at the tobacconist’s, at the Novo Tour agency, at the ATV0 office on the ground floor of the parking lot. Please note that the ticket cannot be purchased from the driver.

Venice airport bus ATV0
Venice airport bus ATV0

When you arrive in Piazzale Roma with the ATVo bus, you will probably have to take a vaporetto. We suggest you read carefully our page dedicated to the different solutions to save time and money with the vaporetto in Venice by clicking here: The Best Solutions for the Vaporetto in Venice

The Alilaguna Company’s Public Boat

ALILAGUNA’s public boats are interesting because they allow you to arrive in romantic Venice by sea as soon as you leave the plane.

You will come in through the air on a plane, to the sea with its smells and see the lagoon’s horizon dotted with its famous islands. It is much more romantic than a bus.

However, don’t be mistaken, there are different ALILAGUNA lines that serve different destinations, including probably yours.

Because of the stops along the way in the Venetian lagoon, the trip can take up to 1 hour and 50 minutes, and the walking time to the ALILAGUNA pier is about 10 minutes with conveyor belts and protection from the sun or rain.

We advise you to book your place in advance to avoid waiting and bad surprises, you have the button to buy right after. Children under 6 years old do not pay for the ALILAGUNA (this is also the case on the vaporetto ).

Information on Alilaguna lines

  • The Blue Line (blu) allows you to reach the maritime station from the Venice airport (in 1 hour and 50 minutes), with stops at the Murano Island (30 minutes), the north of Venice (Bacini – Ospedale – Fondamente Nove), the Lido (1 hour) and Saint Mark’s Square (1 hour and 30 minutes). Departure every 30 minutes from 6:15 am to 12:40 am.
  • The Orange line (Arancio) will take you from the Venice airport to St. Mark’s Square in about 1 hour and 15 minutes, passing through the famous Grand Canal and making several stops, which is very convenient if your hotel is located in the heart of Venice. Departure every 30 minutes from 07:45 to 00:20.
  • The Red line (rossa): allows you to reach the Giudecca Island from the Venice airport, Zitelle stop (in 1 hour and 20 minutes), passing by Murano island (in 30 minutes), the Certosa (in 45 minutes), the Lido (in 1 hour) and Saint Mark’s square (in 1 hour and 15 minutes). Departure every hour from 09:40 am to 6:40 pm.
  • The Green Line (verde) allows you to take a 4.5 hour excursion to the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, for 20€ with a tourist guide on board, and a 40 minute stop on each island. Boardings: Ferrovia S.Lucia, Alilaguna Zattere, Alilaguna San Marco Giardinetti Reali
Map of ALILAGUNA routes
Alilaguna airport of Venice
Alilaguna airport of Venice

ACTV 5 bus

The ACTV bus solution is ideal if you want a cheap way to get to Venice. It takes you near the train station at Piazzale Roma, Venice’s bus terminal, in 35 minutes.
This popular ACTV bus line, with many stops, is unique to the Venice airport and is orange or white and green. The buses are parked in front of the main exit on the left.
It is possible to buy a ticket, which you will have to stamp, at the Tabacci tobacco shop in the arrivals hall.
It is possible to buy a combined ticket with the vaporetto for 14€ to be used within 90 minutes after validation, saving you 1€50. This last solution is interesting if your destination is far from Piazzale Roma.
Then, if your hotel is very close to the station, you can reach it on foot with your luggage, otherwise you will have to take a vaporetto. There are different solutions to save on your vaporetto budget throughout your stay in Venice, see our complete article “Venice Vaporetto Pass,” accessible via the button below.
If you need to get to Mestre from the Venice airport, ACTV bus lines 4, 15 and 45 will take you to the city center and the train station.

ACTV 5 bus schedule

Venice airport bus schedule
Venice airport bus schedule

You can click to zoom in on the timetable.

By boat cab or motoscafi.

This is clearly the fastest, most comfortable and most romantic way to reach Venice from the Marco Polo airport. Indeed, the motoscafo water cab will drop you off as close as possible to your hotel, or even in front of it if your hotel or apartment is on a canal. You don’t have to worry about walking from a pier with suitcases on wheels, in the rain, with a map in your left hand, and a headlamp after having drunk 2 Redbulls instead of an excellent spritz!

The normal price is very high: 110€ for up to 3 people to go to the center of Venice, 60€ for Murano, 140€ for Burano, the customized service is paid, of course. With 3 people, it comes to 33€ per person for the center of Venice instead of 15€ minimum on ALILAGUNA.

If you are alone or traveling with a partner, we have a solution to organize sharing a boat in advance:

water taxi phone number:
  • At Venice Marco Polo airport: +39 041 541 50 84
  • In Venice: +39 041 522 23 03
  • In Venice Santa Lucia Railway Station: +39 041 71 62 86
  • In Venice Rialto: +39 041 523 05 75 and +39 041 72 31 12
  • In Venice San Marco: +39 041 522 97 50

You can find more information on the Venice Airpot website, the ATV0 private bus company’s website, or the Venetian ACTV public transportation company’s website.

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